Looking back now, I should have known I was going to be a Photographer.  As a young child, I was always taking any opportunity I could to take photos or video and the same as I grew older.  After I graduated from high school, I went to NDSU to go to school for Interior Design.  Interior Design is a big passion of mine, but it was not what I had expected, but I still had every intention of finishing the program.  While I was starting my sophomore year, I came to find out I was pregnant with my first child.  I decided at this time I was going to step away from Interior Design and focus on my son.  

Once my son was born in 2007, I took thousands and thousands of photos (which you always do with your first) and friends would tell me that I should just be a Photographer.  I do not know why it never crossed my mind, since I always loved taking photos.  I gave it more thought and finally decided to purchase my first camera and lenses, with the help of a family member, and from then on I have been doing Photography.  I love that Photography is all about art and being creative, as creativity is a strong suit of mine.  I am self-taught and I am still learning new things, everyday.  As an artist you are always growing and striving to become better and better.  

I have had a couple of side jobs throughout the years, but in the last two years I have been doing Photography full-time! In 2013, I started doing Boudoir Photography, which have become my favorite sessions to capture.  Some of my photographer friends were starting Boudoir Photography, and I never thought that I would dive into something like that.  But, one day I got a message from a lady from my hometown asking if I did that kind of photography.  I said that I didn't, but if she really wanted me to take the photos that I would try it out! She came down to Fargo and I had a friend of mine do her hair and makeup.  This client of mine was one that knew more about football than makeup and other things girly.  She had never been pampered like this before, but she seemed to enjoy every minute of it.  When I sent her some sneak peeks from her session, her reaction was priceless. She told me how she has never felt so beautiful and confident about herself!  She joked that she wished she could do a boudoir session everyday! Her reaction did me in, and I was hooked! I loved that feeling of making someone feel so special and beautiful about themselves.  To bring that beauty from the inside and capture it on the outside, is simply gratifying! I hope to one day, solely do Boudoir Photography!

                        In January of 2014, I rented my first studio!! It is in downtown Fargo, 503 7th Street North Suite 305. Schedule a session and check it out! :)